Friday, September 6, 2013

Stay Out of the Kitchen!

One of the ambassadors up in the Jacksonville Beach area posted this in their recent PickleGram that she sends to the local players.  I thought it was a good write up and wated to share with our players.

A clip from a Pickleball website in regards to the Kitchen:

 “Recently watching a match where a player, (the world famous Jim Hackenberg)
while returning one of those aggravating net-nippers, literally went into the kitchen and laid down during a point.

 His opponent, Josh Grubbs, then tried to hit a dink shot into the kitchen, intending to land it on the now-prone Hackenberg. However, the dink landed successfully in the kitchen, but missed Jim. Jim calmly sat up, while still in the kitchen, and hit the ball back over the net for a winner.

The bottom line is, you can start a point in the kitchen if you want. It's your kitchen. Use it whenever you like. Yes, you can go into the kitchen any time you want and stay as long as you like. Just don't hit a ball out of the air while you are in there.

 And remember, when you leave the kitchen, both feet must be on the ground outside the kitchen before you can hit a ball out of the air”.