Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Night at the Courts -

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These are just a few of our MP Players enjoying an evening of Pickleball....and stopping for Don's camera to say HI! We hope to introduce them up-close and personal, one by one, real soon. What a great looking group!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Meet MP Picklers, Ken and Penny Kauffman the MP II Courts

Ken and Penny are two of our newest MP Picklers. Residents of Meadow Pointe II, they have one son, still single, who lives in Tampa.

Ken and Penny read our feature article in the St. Pete Times about our Annual Spring Pick-nic and Round Robin Tournament. (How could they resist not joining all those smiling happy faces??)

Pennyis a native Floridian, born in Tampa and then moved to Doylstown PA as a child, then on to Reedsville, PA where she met Ken. She retired from Time Warner/Comcast Cable as a Customer Service Representative - Reedsville PA after several years of working for J C Penny as the Sales Auditor - Lewistown PA. Ken retired first from CNH (Case New Holland) in Belleville PA as Production Manager in 2004 and then again in 2008 from LAMesa RV in Tampa as a driver delivering and buying motor homes all over the country. She and Ken also lived in Washington, DC, (during the tent city affair, for those of you who are old enough to remember what that was) where Ken completed his military service at Walter Reed Army Medical Center after a tour in Viet Nam and in Nebraska for three years after being transferred from Belleville, PA.

When not playing pickleball, some of their favorite past times include: Quilting, Reading, Home Improvement Projects and Traveling. Both of them are former tennis players, and it wasn't hard to tell. They both picked up the game very quickly, purchased their new paddles, and come back most every night for some competive games and good fun with their fellow MP Picklers.

We asked them what they liked about Pickleball : "It is easier on the body than Tennis and the people we have met are great."

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pickle Ball Successs >> A New PickleballBook -

We have decided to combine our two existing books, “Drilling for Success in Pickleball” and “Teaching for Success in Pickleball”. Our new book, “Pickleball - A Guide for Teachers”, will consist of 110 pages - 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 - and include........................Click the title above for more details on this great training tool

Learn more about the authors: Mary Littlewood and Sandra Stultz as well as more great training tools on their website Picklebll Success.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet MP Picklers, Judy Paul and Bill Wilcox

Judy Paul

Judy, along with Bill Wilcox, joined our group in January 2009. A native of Atlanta, Georgia and graduate of West Fulton High in Atlanta, she moved to Florida in 1964 and now spends part of the year in Spring Hill, Florida and the remainder of the year in Red Hook, New York. Judy has one daughter, Mistie (who also is a MP Pickler) and two grandchildren. Derek is 14 and Alyssa is 9. Oh my, how fast they grow up! Just the right age to be introduced to Pickleball!!

An Alumni of the Sun Coast Beauty College, she was formerly the owner of cosmetology salons and has now been retired for 10 years. Her favorite hobbies include gardening and horseback riding. Definitely not a novice at racquet or paddle sports, she enjoys playing tennis, racquetball and paddleball. When not on the courts she enjoyed waterskiing and softball. Judy and Bill have enjoyed a lot of racquet sports together and it was Bill who introduced Judy to the game of Pickleball. Like most of us, she gets a lot of exercise playing the game, and likes meeting new people. She also enjoys the competitive nature of the sport. She had the opportunity to play once at The Villages, Florida and about 10 times in New York. Maybe we’ll see her on the courts, showing that competitive nature, at the next Florida Senior Games………

Bill Wilcox

Bill grew up in Baldwin, LI, NY and moved to New Port Richey, Fl from Copiague, NY in 1970. In 1988 he built a house in Red Hook, NY where he now spends about 7 months of the year. The other 5 months are spent in Spring Hill, Florida. Bill is the father of 2, daughter Diana and Tina and the proud grandfather of 2, Dax who is 20 and Alyssa who is 17. (Now they are prime pickleball candidates Grandpa!) He was a body shop owner, and also worked as a carpet installer and a builder. He’s been retired from all of that for 28 years.

He loves playing sports, and has played softball, racquetball, tennis, squash, paddleball and handball…. and 55 years ago, stickball and stoopball....and now he plays pickleball. But this is what he has to say when asked about his hobbies!! “100+mph 18’ inboard flat bottom V-drive race boats, (I have two of them), 1955, 1956. 1957 Chevys (I have 4 of them, 2 convertibles and 2 Belair 2 door sedans)…”

He and Judy Paul have spent the last 10 years of their retirement together playing all kinds of racquet and paddle sports. He heard about pickleball when he read about it being played at The Villages. So, like Judy, he’s played there once and about 20 times in Red Hook, New York.

Why does he play pickleball? “IT’S FUN!! It's a very competitive game and I like going to different places meeting new people."

WE MISS YOU GUYS! Bill and Juday are up in Red Hook, New York right now for the summer. They travel periodically to the Albany/Scotia area for a little pickleball and they have shared a few pictures and a few of their adventures. Hurry back your two - we've got some new players for you to challenge!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday Pickleball and Pizza!

Can't believe I'm so far behind in updating this BLOG!!!! Need to go back to Friday..........where once again the rains held off and allowed us to play - Well almost!

First off, we need to officially welcome two more of our newest players.

This is Penny and Ken. They are MeadowPointe I residents who saw our article in the St. Pete Times, contacted the group and are now regular players. Both of them play a great game.........I think we have them hooked! Yes, that's an umbrella. About mid way through the night, we got a light rain. Didn't last long, and we were able to get back on the courts quickly.

Friday usually brings out a pretty good group of players. Tonight we had, Ken and Penny along with our previously introduced new players, John and Bonnie, Chris, Don, Steve, Mary, Renee, Ruthann, Marilyn and Donna. After some mixed doubles play, the guys and gals split up. We had a great group and a few close competitive games.
Ken looks pretty confident that Renee has this backhand shot covered. Bend the knees and follow-through!!!! Great
Don is ready, just in case Penny misses this groundstroke. No problem for Penny.
Here's John and Mary - What form Mary!!! It's always hard to get a picture of Mary - she covers that court sooooooooo fast!J
I think Chris and Bonnie are celebrating after one more winning shot!! Well, for Chris they come pretty natural!!
The four ladies take to the courts. That's Mary and Bonne (far side) returning the shot to Ruthann and Renee.

This is Don and Penny (left) with Ken and Renee, ater the game. Nice game!! Great playing tonight.
Let's go for PIZZA!!
And, continuing with Friday night tradition, here we are at our favourtite Pizza Parlor - Marcos! Rich and I are joined by Don and Linda. Linda does not play pickleball, but always joins the group for pizza!! Next is our new players Penny and Ken, followed by Renee and Mark . Mark had some recent knee surgery, so pickleball is on the back burner right now. And finally, way back by the wall is Mary and Steve.

Good Friends! Great Pizza.........and PICKLEBALL!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday Night Pickleball - Welcome, Ken, Liz, John and Bonnie

On Wednesday, we played at MPII.........Once again you cut just about cut the air with a knife - the humidity was wicked. But we had a great time. Rich and I were home tonight and were excited about seeing everyone and especially about meeting some of our newest players and we had brought home Coach Mo's new DVD for many of our MP Picklers.
Thanks Bob and Lorraine Koryus ...........we understand you had something to do with getting us a few of these new players.!!! It was great seeing you guys - even if you didn't come to play tonight.

We had a nice group of players out tonight. Rich and Donna, Chirs, Don, Marilyn and Steve and four of our five newest players: Bonnie and John, Ken and Liz. Penny.........hope you can make it Friday!!!

Enjoy some pictures of the group playing tonight.

WELCOME John and Bonnie............ These guys are sooooooooooo nice and picking up the game very quickly. John is definately picking up the game quickly and I'm sure enjoyed some good games with the guys tonight. We had a great time with Bonnie tonight........... stay back when your partner is serving - let it bounce......move to the line........Yes, she heard it all tonight - but kept a smile on her face. We had a couple of really good ladies games tonight. You can be my partner any time, Bonnie!!! And...........fellow picklers ..........Bonnie told me she takes picturs. So we might have a new face with a camera following you all on the courts when I'm not there!!!!

WELCOME LIZ!!!! SUCK IT UP!!! It took a while to get Liz out on the courts. She is not a lover of tennis, so hesitated putting a pickleball paddle in her hand. But it's not hard to tell that she is thououghly addicted to the game now!! And she's playing great - definately better than you would expect after just a few weeks. Marilyn and I had a great game against Liz and Steve. Great vollies, Great Shots.............Great Finish 12-10, Marilyn and Donna!!

OK - What are they all looking at? Where's the ball? Look up, over the trees, just to the left of the light pole.........Chris and Rich keep looking as Liz gets ready for the next shot!

Here is Rich and Liz playing against Ken and Chris. I know you haven't met Ken yet. WELCOME KEN........... Look below and you'll get a good look at Ken's STYLE on the court. Ken - hope your wife Penny can join us on Friday. Part way through the night Ken's back was bothering all of us hope you're feeling better and can get back on the courts on Friday.

Here's our two newest guys, John and Ken partnering together in this game.

Steve and Chris(far side) compete against John and Marilyn. Oh!!! Steve!!!! The ball has to go OVER the net! But looks like John and Marilyn are ready for your return.

Look at that FORM..............and to think Ken is a new player!!!! Marilyn looks pretty confident that Ken will retun this one with NO PROBLEM!!!

Talk about form!!! Here Rich and Steve watching closely to see if Chris is going to pull this one off. Don looks pretty confident that his partner will get this one back. What do you think?

Hope we see you all out again on Friday, weather permitting of course! AND .......LET'S GET A GOOD GROUP OUT FOR PIZZA AFTER PICKEBALL ON FRIDAY!!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pickleball at Highland Lakes

Hi Everyone!!!

We are having a great time, playing pickleball everyday here at The Villages........but we had the opportunity to visit another community recently, so we wanted to share a few pictures with you. As you know I feature a pickleball club each month in our monthly USAPA newsletter. This past month it was the Highland Lakes pickleball group in Leesburg, Fl. Manny and Marie Cardoza who are the Chair Person (s) invited Rich and I over to meet their group.
They actually made us feel like a couple of celebrities, and had invited players from Legacy, which is another active adult community which neighbors theirs. This is a picture that Marie posted on their home blog. She is so creative. Here is a link to the article that Marie put on their website complete with some really awesome pictures. Hope you enjoy it. Rich and Donna at Highland Lakes
In the meantime........Here are a few pictures of your Meadow Pointe friends, so you don't forget us!!!

This is the pickleball arena at Highland Lakes. As you can see they can set up four courts.

Here is Rich (yes.......our Meadow Pointe Rich!) with Nancy Custard, who is from Legacy
And here is Meadow Point's Donna........playing with Bob Miller who resided at Highland Lakes
We lsot this game.............We were playing against RICH!