Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet MP Picklers, Judy Paul and Bill Wilcox

Judy Paul

Judy, along with Bill Wilcox, joined our group in January 2009. A native of Atlanta, Georgia and graduate of West Fulton High in Atlanta, she moved to Florida in 1964 and now spends part of the year in Spring Hill, Florida and the remainder of the year in Red Hook, New York. Judy has one daughter, Mistie (who also is a MP Pickler) and two grandchildren. Derek is 14 and Alyssa is 9. Oh my, how fast they grow up! Just the right age to be introduced to Pickleball!!

An Alumni of the Sun Coast Beauty College, she was formerly the owner of cosmetology salons and has now been retired for 10 years. Her favorite hobbies include gardening and horseback riding. Definitely not a novice at racquet or paddle sports, she enjoys playing tennis, racquetball and paddleball. When not on the courts she enjoyed waterskiing and softball. Judy and Bill have enjoyed a lot of racquet sports together and it was Bill who introduced Judy to the game of Pickleball. Like most of us, she gets a lot of exercise playing the game, and likes meeting new people. She also enjoys the competitive nature of the sport. She had the opportunity to play once at The Villages, Florida and about 10 times in New York. Maybe we’ll see her on the courts, showing that competitive nature, at the next Florida Senior Games………

Bill Wilcox

Bill grew up in Baldwin, LI, NY and moved to New Port Richey, Fl from Copiague, NY in 1970. In 1988 he built a house in Red Hook, NY where he now spends about 7 months of the year. The other 5 months are spent in Spring Hill, Florida. Bill is the father of 2, daughter Diana and Tina and the proud grandfather of 2, Dax who is 20 and Alyssa who is 17. (Now they are prime pickleball candidates Grandpa!) He was a body shop owner, and also worked as a carpet installer and a builder. He’s been retired from all of that for 28 years.

He loves playing sports, and has played softball, racquetball, tennis, squash, paddleball and handball…. and 55 years ago, stickball and stoopball....and now he plays pickleball. But this is what he has to say when asked about his hobbies!! “100+mph 18’ inboard flat bottom V-drive race boats, (I have two of them), 1955, 1956. 1957 Chevys (I have 4 of them, 2 convertibles and 2 Belair 2 door sedans)…”

He and Judy Paul have spent the last 10 years of their retirement together playing all kinds of racquet and paddle sports. He heard about pickleball when he read about it being played at The Villages. So, like Judy, he’s played there once and about 20 times in Red Hook, New York.

Why does he play pickleball? “IT’S FUN!! It's a very competitive game and I like going to different places meeting new people."

WE MISS YOU GUYS! Bill and Juday are up in Red Hook, New York right now for the summer. They travel periodically to the Albany/Scotia area for a little pickleball and they have shared a few pictures and a few of their adventures. Hurry back your two - we've got some new players for you to challenge!!!

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