Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday Pickleball and Pizza!

Can't believe I'm so far behind in updating this BLOG!!!! Need to go back to Friday..........where once again the rains held off and allowed us to play - Well almost!

First off, we need to officially welcome two more of our newest players.

This is Penny and Ken. They are MeadowPointe I residents who saw our article in the St. Pete Times, contacted the group and are now regular players. Both of them play a great game.........I think we have them hooked! Yes, that's an umbrella. About mid way through the night, we got a light rain. Didn't last long, and we were able to get back on the courts quickly.

Friday usually brings out a pretty good group of players. Tonight we had, Ken and Penny along with our previously introduced new players, John and Bonnie, Chris, Don, Steve, Mary, Renee, Ruthann, Marilyn and Donna. After some mixed doubles play, the guys and gals split up. We had a great group and a few close competitive games.
Ken looks pretty confident that Renee has this backhand shot covered. Bend the knees and follow-through!!!! Great
Don is ready, just in case Penny misses this groundstroke. No problem for Penny.
Here's John and Mary - What form Mary!!! It's always hard to get a picture of Mary - she covers that court sooooooooo fast!J
I think Chris and Bonnie are celebrating after one more winning shot!! Well, for Chris they come pretty natural!!
The four ladies take to the courts. That's Mary and Bonne (far side) returning the shot to Ruthann and Renee.

This is Don and Penny (left) with Ken and Renee, ater the game. Nice game!! Great playing tonight.
Let's go for PIZZA!!
And, continuing with Friday night tradition, here we are at our favourtite Pizza Parlor - Marcos! Rich and I are joined by Don and Linda. Linda does not play pickleball, but always joins the group for pizza!! Next is our new players Penny and Ken, followed by Renee and Mark . Mark had some recent knee surgery, so pickleball is on the back burner right now. And finally, way back by the wall is Mary and Steve.

Good Friends! Great Pizza.........and PICKLEBALL!!!

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