Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rich Helps Coach Mo at Villages Clinic

You all know that Rich likes to give "pickleball clinics", so when "Coach Mo" called and asked him if he would help out with one of his clinics Rich jumped at the opportunity. Every time he works with Mo, he learns something new, so it took him about 1 second to say YES! I went down to take pictures, but also got a chance to participate. Now I just have to practice, practice, practice!!

Here's a few pictures from that night.
Mo always has enough instructors there to help him on all the courts. Here is Rich working with his group on lobs.
Having good instructors there to help him, gives Mo the ability to demonstrat a lot of the techniques that he teaches. This is Mo, on this side show the group some of the practice drills with Gold Medal winners Paul Kelley and Peter McNamara

An of course's our Meadow Point Pickler, wearing his favorite "" T-shirt!!

For those of you who may be interestd. Mo's new DVD will be for sale on his website starting on July 13th, and you can pay using Pay Pal. We have our copy already and Rich has watched it at least three times. He does 21 different clinics on the DVD, so if you want to improve your game, it really worth getting. His website is:

And by the way - When you join his website you get newsletter every month. It's a great newsletter. ............MeadowPointe Competition showed up on his newsletter..........Now you all areWe were very surprised when the pictues of our winners from our Meadow being seen across the country!!!!

Here's a link to this last newsletter: July Newsletter

Friday, July 10, 2009

Meadow Pointe Picklers -Mark Your Calandars!!!!


The Kings Point Pickleball League will be hosting its annual “renowned” Labor Day Pickleball Jamboree on September 5th, 2009 (rain date September 12th ). Registration will be available on the website, at the courts during morning open play, at the South Clubhouse receptionist’s desk or by calling Louann at 813-944-8626.

Registration will be open until August 25th.

Event fees are $5.00 per player and will be collected the morning of the event at the sign in table. Kings Point’s residents and non-residents/visitors, at both the recreational level and competitive level of play, are invited to participate and/or cheer on players.

Games in the men’s, women’s and mixed divisions will be included in the day’s events. Players needing a partner are encouraged to register early to allow proper match ups in their category.

Lunch specials will be available for players and spectators.

More details and player/partners listings will be available at the website throughout the registration period.

Any questions may be directed to: or by phone at 813-944-8626.

This is one of the best fun events in the area......It would be great to have a group of our members there!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Courts Are Ready

A Message from Bob Koryus...............

The re-surfacing of the MP1 courts are completed... The lines have been painted red as per Rich's diagram and memo... The tennis players were already making use of court 3 playing singles this evening... Bob K.

P.S. Thank you Keith Fisk (MP1 Ops Mgr) for providing the Pickleball Players with use of these courts...

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meadow Pointe Pickler - Mary Jones

Meet Mary D Jones

When you meet a Florida resident, one of the first things you ask them is "Where are you from?" It seems that everyone is from somewhere else.......generally up North! But Mary Jones is a native Floridian, 2nd generation, Tampa, Florida. A Budget Analysis for USF, Mary is single, but shares her home and much of her time with her four furry canine companions.

Her job keeps her very busy, but when she can find time between work, her dogs and pickleball she enjoys bike riding, kayaking, crafting and doing volunteer work. She can really move on the court, and that is most likely because of the stamina required when she's playing softball or vollyball.

Good friend Steve Long introduced her to the game of pickleball. We wish her job would allow her to play with us more often. She did find time to play at the Labor Day Pickleball Jamboree with some of our group down in Sun City Center. If you ask her what she likes about pickleball, she'll tell you. "Exercise. Meet new people. I can actually play it!! It's fun, and everyone is so nice."

More recently, Mary competed in our First Annual Pickleball Round Robin here at Meadow Pointe and finished 3rd in the ladies competition. Congratulations, Mary Jones (or is it Long!!)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Ken and Penny saw our recent article in the newspaper and came to play with our group. We want them to know how welcome they are and invite them to keep coming back. Renee has already added them to our weekly distribution list.
Thanks Don for sharing the good news.

AND ........fellow Meadow Pointe Picklers - I sent a note off to Pat and Suzi to see if they had made it to Washington yet, and to see if they had gotten a chance to play pickleball when they stopped in Las Vegas...........We know you all like to hear about what our fellow players are up here's the note we got back from them.

"We got to Bellingham on the Sat before Father's Day, via Tallahassee to see Jeff, Austin to see Suzi's brother and his wife, Santa Fe, Bandolier Natl Monument, Las Vegas to visit friends from high school, Death Valley, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, and Mt Hood. We didn't get to play PB in Vegas. .............the only times they played out there was in the morning and we were busy then. Their courts were also indoors.

We've played here 3 times with our old group of regulars (5 of us). We play for about 2 hours and seem to get more playing time as you only sit out for one game. Anne seems to win no matter who is on her side. I think she has only lost one game so far. It seems like the games are faster here and more smashing.

Our court here did not have the back line painted so today we painted it and it should be ready for tomorrow. The lines here are painted a light green and are easier for me to see than the red lines at MP1. I think Bob was going to get them to paint the lines blue there. They show up the best.

Suzi's mom flew in on Monday and will be here for 4 weeks. Sunday we are leaving to go to Glacier Natl Park in Montana for a few days, and then back home thru the Canadian Rockies for a few more days.

It sure is nice playing in 70 degree weather with no humidity. I hope to have a few more people playing as we go along and will take some pictures for you. Take care and we'll see you in October"