Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meadow Pointe Pickler - Mary Jones

Meet Mary D Jones

When you meet a Florida resident, one of the first things you ask them is "Where are you from?" It seems that everyone is from somewhere else.......generally up North! But Mary Jones is a native Floridian, 2nd generation, Tampa, Florida. A Budget Analysis for USF, Mary is single, but shares her home and much of her time with her four furry canine companions.

Her job keeps her very busy, but when she can find time between work, her dogs and pickleball she enjoys bike riding, kayaking, crafting and doing volunteer work. She can really move on the court, and that is most likely because of the stamina required when she's playing softball or vollyball.

Good friend Steve Long introduced her to the game of pickleball. We wish her job would allow her to play with us more often. She did find time to play at the Labor Day Pickleball Jamboree with some of our group down in Sun City Center. If you ask her what she likes about pickleball, she'll tell you. "Exercise. Meet new people. I can actually play it!! It's fun, and everyone is so nice."

More recently, Mary competed in our First Annual Pickleball Round Robin here at Meadow Pointe and finished 3rd in the ladies competition. Congratulations, Mary Jones (or is it Long!!)

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