Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coach Mo's DVD - Preview

Coach "Mo" (aka Dick Movsessian) will be releasing his new DVD which includes 21 pickleball clinics. A preview of what will be included on the DVD is now available on YouTube. Any of you who are serious about wanting to improve your game should not miss the opportunity to get the DVD when it comes out in mid- July. For more great information about the game, visit his website at

I have placed a link to the "Preview" that is on YouTube here on our site. Go to the right side of the screen and scroll down - You'll see "Pickleball Clinics DVD Preview" - Click on the picture and the video will begin.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Louann Dubendorf Thanks Rich and Donna for Pickleball Clinic

Rich and I had a wonderful time doing the recent clinic for the Kings Point Pickleball League down in Sun City Center. I know that we already shared what we did and some photo's from that day, but it's always nice to share what other people write about our Meadow Pointe Group.

Here is a link to an article that was posted on the Kings Point Pickleball League's website. Thank you Louann for you kind words.

Kings Pointe Pickleball Clinic

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Monday -Two new Visitors and Some great games

We had a nice group out playing on Monday. If I remember correctly we had twelve of us out playing. Regulars - Chris, Renee, Don, Steve, Mary, Marilynn, Al, Rich and I. Rick came over to watch for a while and chat with those waiting to play. He pulled a muscle in his leg the last time he all he could do was watch.


Randy Schaeffer, who visited us last Friday returned to play with the group today. We learned tonight that Randy was the one who started pickelball in his home community. He found and printed the rules of the game on USAPA, put out some flyers to recruit players and together the group learned how to play. Tonight he brought two more of those players with him. WELCOME MARY MANNING AND JOANIE KELLER!!!

Randy had asked Rich if he would meet the three of them at the courts before regular play for some training on the main points and strategies of the game. Rich worked with the the three of them for about 45 minutes before the rest of the crew showed up to play.

The level of play tonight was great!!! I know that I was in two games where the final score was 14/12 and 12/10! Like Randy - Mary and Joane were very good players.

That's Rich working with the three of them on the "dink" shot.
Meadow Poine Picklers really enjoyed our visitors tonight. We know Randy will be back and we want him to know he's welcome any time. Wish we could get Joanie and Mary to come back more often. Mary will be travelling with her Soft Ball All Star team. She playes second base.....and sometimes plays shortstop. Then she's off to Washington, DC and then to Texas. Maybe we'll see her again in August? As for Mary.....we hope she can make it back before then. She is the athletic trainer for Pasco/Hernando Community College so will be back to work full time in August.

We managed to get in a couple of guys games and ladies games.......Here's Steve and Chris playing against Randy and Don. I wonder if that ball was out!

And here are the ladies. Another very good game. This is Joanie and Mary (far side) against Marilynn and Renee.



New Courts at MP1


While we might be delayed for a little bit from playing on the courts at MP1, it will be worth the wait. Bob Koryus sent an e-mail to all of us with news that plans were underway to resurface the courts this week. Initially, we were not sure that with the resurfacng, that the lines would be re-painted on the courts, and so Bob encouraged our MP1 residents to attend an upcoming MP1 meeting to voice our concern.s

But Bob got back with us today indicating that we would DEFINATELY have our pickleball lines back on the courts!! Great news!!! Being able to alternate between MP1 and MP2 had worked very well, gives us more flexibility and pretty much ensures we have a place to play.
We made sure that Bob was equipped with the correct court dimensions to share with the crew!!
Thanks again Bob.............. from all your pickleball buddies!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rich Gives Pickleball Clinic

On Saturday, Rich did a pickelball clinic for the Kings Point Pickleball League in Sun City Center. Another really hot day even if it was 8:00 in the morning. There was a nice group that attended, from beginners to seasoned players.
The picture to the right is the display case near their courts. Louann is so creative - she always has a great display for the group.
Here are a few pictures from our day in Sun City:
There was really a good group. About 16 or 18, which was a good size for just three courts. Some of the people had only just learned to play. Here's Rich going over the ready position.
The group really had a good time practicing the dink shot. Like most people, once you learn to play you tend to try to hit hard and slam the ball. It really takes practice to master the great placement shots and the ever so effective "dink" shot.

After the clinic, Louann gave both Rich and I a "Pickleball Bug" T-shirt. Louann has a couple of T-shirts on her website that we really like and this is one of them.

The clinic went very well, we had a great time and we got to play a few games before it got too hot!! One of these days we should do a pickleball challege!! Our group against Kings Point!!

Here's a link to more pictures Kings Point Pickleball Clinic

Friday, June 19, 2009

Randy Schaeffer Visits our MP Picklebal Group

We tried to play on Wednesday, but unfortunately the rain put a damper on that idea! Rich and I took a ride down to MP 1, because it was just sprinking a little in MP2............And you know how it can be raining on one side of the street and not the other!! Steve was there ready to play as well, but the courts were wet and it was still raining, so we took off for home to wait for Friday.
We had a few calls from people looking to play the game after reading about our PB Group in the St. Pete Times or in The Laker. Tonight, Randy Schaeffer drove over from Bayonette Pointe, near Hudson to play with us. There is a small group near his home, but a few have them have taken off to go back north for the summer, which leaves just him and two ladies left to play. Here's Randy out on the courts at MP1 playing with Al Rivera. It was a real pleasure meeting him and welcoming him to our group. AND........he's a darn good player. Randy is bringing the ladies with him to play next Monday....... We love welcoming new players to our MP group.

There were 12 of us on the courts tonight. That's a great number for the summer. There was Renee, Ruthanne, Steve and Mary (Long?), Chris, Brad, Don, Al and Mistie, Rich and I and Randy. It was a very hot, sticky evening.........but we played on.

Here's Don and Brad........Looks to me like their questioning a line call?

I can never seem to get Mistie looking toward the camera.........Looks like she's just trying to stay out of Rich's reach here!!

Steve and Don enjoying a good match.......Great shot Don!!
Yes, the ladies did play tonight! Where are the pictures? Would you believe the batteries in my camera died?? Yes it's the truth. But I'll get them on Monday, along with our new visitors.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meadow Pointe Picklers Featured in The Laker

Following is the article as it appeared in the The Laker-The News, sports section in the June 10, 2009 addition. Thanks very much to Steve Lee, the reporter for the Laker who graciously printed this for us. Since it was not available on-line, Steve e-mailed the article to me.

Men's pickleball winners:The top four winners were: (left to right) Pat Zwolenski, Jeff Zwolenski, Chris Atkinson and Brad Finch Special to the Laker.

Meadow Pointe II hosted inaugural round-robin tourney

By Donna Donald
Special to The Laker
WESLEY CHAPEL — They came from neighboring Wesley Chapel and New Tampa, as well as Tampa, Lutz and even New Port Richey for the inaugural round-robin pickleball tournament last month at Meadow Pointe II.

Meadow Pointe II residents Richard and Donna Donald, who also are members of the United States Pickleball Association, organized the tourney. Richard has medaled in pickleball events throughout the state while Donna manages the USAPA’s Atlantic South Region website.

Pickleball is played on a tennis court with players near the net, similar to badminton. The net is 34 inches at the center with wooden or composite-type paddles used to hit a perforated whiffle-type ball.

Numerous families participated in the tourney with players ranging from teens to men and women in their 60s. Each player took part in at least four games before winners advanced to playoff rounds.

The men’s champion was Chris Atkinson of Meadow Pointe I. Rounding out the top four were: runner-up Brad Finch of Meadow Pointe II; Jeff Zwolenski, a Florida State senior who took third; and Pat Zwolenski of Lutz.

In the women’s division, Suzi Zwolenski of Lutz took the title. The next three finishers included: runner-up Donna Donald; Temple Terrace’s Mary Jones, who placed third; and Meadow Pointe II resident Marilynn Howell.Even more impressive about Jones's finish is that she completed a 40-mile bike ride the morning before the tourney.

Pickleball is played at the Meadow Pointe I and II courts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30 p.m. For more local information about the sport, visit

Woman's pickleball winners: The top four winners included: (left to right) Suzi Zwolenski, Donna Donald, May Jones and Marilyn Howell Special to the Laker

Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Meadow Pointe Pickler - Rob Houghton

Rob is a Native Floridian, (Yes Another One!!!!) currently residing in Tampa. He is an Alumni of the University of South Florida, married to Betty Anne and the father of one. (We know that Betty Anne has been on the courts before – we hope she comes back!)

Before meeting the group on the Meadow Pointe Pickleball courts Rob has his day job. He reads and scores Standardized Tests. He has also been a disaster Assistance Employee with FEMA for the last five years (2004), but wants all our readers to know that he was NOT involved with Katrina!!!

When not playing pickleball, Rob enjoys reading, golf, tennis, sailing and motorsports, especially vintage auto racing. If not for the high cost of racing, he would probably still be actively involved in enjoying that sport today.

Meadow Point Pickler Steve Long introduced Rob to the game. That was back in 2008, but he finally got him on the court this year. Not only is pickleball a great sport Rob says, "On the court I only focus on the game, I don’t think about work or the economy. Pickleball is a panacea for my mind.”

To Steve Long he says “Thanks Big Guy.”

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pickleball - Likened to life-size Pingpong - offers serious competition

By Mike Camunas,
Times Staff Writer

Think of it as life-sized Pingpong.
Pickleball. A sport that's been around more than 40 years now has a local following, helped by the Meadow Pointe Pickleball group that meets at the courts in the subdivision Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings at 6:30.

We were a little dissapointed with the results of this article. Because of rain, we waited for weeks for a photographer to come and take pictures, and they never even showed the game being played! Unfortunatley some of the inforamtion on USAPA, tournaments and the game was not exactly accurate. But, Click the link to read the complete article as it appears on and in print in the St. Pete Times.
Pickleball - Likened to Life-size Pingpong

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Al and Misty Play tonight - before we get rained off

Had not planned on taking any pictures tonight, but always try to keep it with me just in case.

Rich and I and Chris were the first to arrive, then Marilynn, so we had enough to play. Not long after Steve and Rick arrived. Small group, but that's OK. Four people came and were playing tennis on the other court.

Then along came Al and Misty.........Good thing I had the camera, cuz Misty needs to get her picture here on the BLOG!!! Unfortunately, like last night, the clouds moved in......... Al and Misty got to play a couple of games anyway before the rain started.

Glad to see you guys back on the courts!!
See ya'll on Friday - weather permitting!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Back Rick, Bob and Lorraine. We'll Miss you Pat and Suzi

Last night we played at MP 1 and it was a night of mixed emotions. June 1st is the beginning of the Hurricane Season here in Florida which of course implies that nasty four letter word - RAIN!!! On the other hand we're very thankful that that welcomed drought reliever stayed away just one more night for us to play.

But more important than all of that.......

It was great to see some old faces back on the courts. That's Lorraine Koryus sitting with Rick. If you remember, Lorraine took a pretty bad fall here on the courts last November. We checked out the scars on the wrist where they had her bolted together for a while. Seriously though, it was great to see her smiling face again, even if she did come only to watch.
And we all remember Rick.........Steve brought him to the courts a long long time ago to play with the group. Rick's hours at the Hard Rock have kept him busy in the evenings. But now that the hours have been changed we expect to see him back playing on a regular basis.
Speaking of he is! Those knees are working pretty good. He and Bob are beaming after having just one their game. It was great seeing Bob back playing with the group tonight and now that he's on a winning streak he's not going to stay away so long. Now I haven't been around for a while, but Bob told me this was the first game he won in 17 months!!! With that finness on the court?

One of the final games of the night........and a good one as Chris and Don take on Rich and Mary, playing their new strategy where Rich plays the net and Mary covers the back. Mary can run the full court in about a half second........

So we had Bob and Lorraine, Rick, Steve, Mary, Marilynn, Ruthann, Renee, Chris, Rich and I and of course Jaden the ball boy. WHERE ARE PAT AND SUZI? They were supposed to be here tonight to say good bye!

On Wednesday the Zwolenski's leave Florida for Bellingham, Washington where they reside from June through September. If you all remember, last year they took pickleball back to Washinton with them and got a great group started. Hope the've been practicing!! Have a great time with your family and friends this summer, and send us lots of pictures!!
We'll Miss you Guys!

Monday, June 1, 2009

So You Think You Know The Rules?

The information below was inclued in this month's USAPA member newsletter. Rich and I had to share it with all of you.................Good Luck........Hava Fun!!!!

The Official Rules which are maintained by the USAPA can be found at

Don Ritter, SE Michigan Referee Corps Manager, has developed a quiz that is sure to test your knowledge of the Rules. Bob Northrop, Ambassador for Kalamazoo, has placed Don’s quiz online. So now you can try this fun quiz on the Kalamazoo Pickleball website ( by clicking on Try this fun quiz.

Thank you Don and thank you Bob for this outstanding example of creativity and collaboration.