Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Back Rick, Bob and Lorraine. We'll Miss you Pat and Suzi

Last night we played at MP 1 and it was a night of mixed emotions. June 1st is the beginning of the Hurricane Season here in Florida which of course implies that nasty four letter word - RAIN!!! On the other hand we're very thankful that that welcomed drought reliever stayed away just one more night for us to play.

But more important than all of that.......

It was great to see some old faces back on the courts. That's Lorraine Koryus sitting with Rick. If you remember, Lorraine took a pretty bad fall here on the courts last November. We checked out the scars on the wrist where they had her bolted together for a while. Seriously though, it was great to see her smiling face again, even if she did come only to watch.
And we all remember Rick.........Steve brought him to the courts a long long time ago to play with the group. Rick's hours at the Hard Rock have kept him busy in the evenings. But now that the hours have been changed we expect to see him back playing on a regular basis.
Speaking of Steve............here he is! Those knees are working pretty good. He and Bob are beaming after having just one their game. It was great seeing Bob back playing with the group tonight and now that he's on a winning streak he's not going to stay away so long. Now I haven't been around for a while, but Bob told me this was the first game he won in 17 months!!! With that finness on the court?

One of the final games of the night........and a good one as Chris and Don take on Rich and Mary, playing their new strategy where Rich plays the net and Mary covers the back. Mary can run the full court in about a half second........

So we had Bob and Lorraine, Rick, Steve, Mary, Marilynn, Ruthann, Renee, Chris, Rich and I and of course Jaden the ball boy. WHERE ARE PAT AND SUZI? They were supposed to be here tonight to say good bye!

On Wednesday the Zwolenski's leave Florida for Bellingham, Washington where they reside from June through September. If you all remember, last year they took pickleball back to Washinton with them and got a great group started. Hope the've been practicing!! Have a great time with your family and friends this summer, and send us lots of pictures!!
We'll Miss you Guys!

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