Friday, June 19, 2009

Randy Schaeffer Visits our MP Picklebal Group

We tried to play on Wednesday, but unfortunately the rain put a damper on that idea! Rich and I took a ride down to MP 1, because it was just sprinking a little in MP2............And you know how it can be raining on one side of the street and not the other!! Steve was there ready to play as well, but the courts were wet and it was still raining, so we took off for home to wait for Friday.
We had a few calls from people looking to play the game after reading about our PB Group in the St. Pete Times or in The Laker. Tonight, Randy Schaeffer drove over from Bayonette Pointe, near Hudson to play with us. There is a small group near his home, but a few have them have taken off to go back north for the summer, which leaves just him and two ladies left to play. Here's Randy out on the courts at MP1 playing with Al Rivera. It was a real pleasure meeting him and welcoming him to our group. AND........he's a darn good player. Randy is bringing the ladies with him to play next Monday....... We love welcoming new players to our MP group.

There were 12 of us on the courts tonight. That's a great number for the summer. There was Renee, Ruthanne, Steve and Mary (Long?), Chris, Brad, Don, Al and Mistie, Rich and I and Randy. It was a very hot, sticky evening.........but we played on.

Here's Don and Brad........Looks to me like their questioning a line call?

I can never seem to get Mistie looking toward the camera.........Looks like she's just trying to stay out of Rich's reach here!!

Steve and Don enjoying a good match.......Great shot Don!!
Yes, the ladies did play tonight! Where are the pictures? Would you believe the batteries in my camera died?? Yes it's the truth. But I'll get them on Monday, along with our new visitors.

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