Monday, December 22, 2008


MeadowPointe pickleball players Don Bass and Rich and Donna Donald participated in the Holiday Pickleball Scramble at the Torrey Oaks RV Resort in Bowling Green on Saturday December 20th. The event was coordinated by Jean Mulder, USAPA Ambassador from Holland Michigan and a Florida RV Snowbird wintering at Torrey Oaks. In the spirit of the holiday, she planned a fun filled day of pickleball, mix and mingle and good food!

A total of 30 pickleball players from Torrey Oaks, the Tanglewood Pickleball Club in Sebring, the Kings Point League in Sun City Center and the Picklers from neighboring Thousand Trails RV Park in Wauchulla came to enjoy the day.

Players drew numbers to determine play rotation. Each game was played with a new partner against opponents in both men’s doubles and woman’s doubles. Scores were recorded for individuals based on wins/losses and game points. Prizes for the top scores included Torey Oaks Pickleball T-Shirts and Holiday Canisters of goodies and chocolate and everyone received a goodie bag to take home. Check out the Cryptic Carols below and see how many you can figure out. These were in the Goodie Bags!

Here's a picture of the winners. Donna took thirdplace in the ladies doubles!! Back row is Marcel LeMieux from Quebec, Richard Rivard from Torrey Oaks. Front Row with Donna is Sally Michalski from Thousand Trails Peace River and Al Goldberg from Tanglewood.

The cost of admission for this event was one h’ordeorve to share. We ended the day in the beautiful courtyard near the pool enjoying a vast array of food and beverage, and sharing pickleball stories on a perfect Florida day!

Click here to see pictures from the Scramble


During this festive season, we all begin humming our favorite Christmas songs. Most of these songs are well-loved and have been around a long time. However would these songs be recognized under different titles? See how many you can identify.

1. Small City in Judea
2. Colorless Yuletide
3. Singular yearning for twin anterior incisors
4. Righteous Darkness
5. Loyal followers advance
6. WEATHER: cloudless. ARRIVAL TIME: 2400 hours
7. Far off in a feeder
8. Aray the corridors
9. Bantam percussionist
10. Monarchial triad
11. Nocturnal noiselessness
12. Redman en route to borough
13. Initial Christmas
14. Frozen Precipitation commence
15. Proceed and enlighten on a pinnacle
16. The quadruped with the vermillion proboscis
17. Query regarding identity of descendent
18. Delight for this planet
19. Give attention to the melodious celestial beings
20. Hence arriveth Kris Kringle
21. To decry matriarchal osculation of Yuletide anthropomorphism
22. At the Zenith of the habitat
23. Endocarp vesicated in a conflagration
24. Jehovah dulcify blithe chevaliers
25. The dozen festive 24 hour intervals


Friday, December 19, 2008

A Few of the Meadow Pointe Picklers

Back Row: Pat, Mary, Karen, Brad and Bob.
Front Row: Suzi, Ed, Ruthann, Steve, Renee and Marilyn
Very Front Row: Don Bass??? Is that Don Bass???

Here's a few of the MeadowPointe Picklers..................Out for a few games on Friday night. Sending their Holiday wishes to everyone.......I THINK THEY'RE REALLY SINGING PICKLE BALLS (see the song below!) Leave it to Don to find a way to take the picture and be in it at the same time. Is that REALLY Don Bass??


Let me introduce you to some of the ladies that I play pickleball with every day down here in Sebring.
From left (back) Linda Kramer, Judy Goldberg, Louise LeMieux, Joann Bath.
Seated: Beverly Podgorski, Barb McKinney and Me!

Missing is Kathy Hughes - she took this picture, so you'll see her in the picture below.

These are just a few of the ladies that I play with each day down here, but this group not only plays together, we party together. Linda Kramer started it all, inviting us over to her house in November for a ladies night out. After ping pong and darts, wine and lots of food, we became the Ladies of the Golden Pickleball, and decided to meet each month and to work togehter to improve our game of pickleball.
Linda and Judy are tournament partners, and have brought home the gold and silver medals to Tanglewood more than once. Louise LeMieux is a USAPA Ambassador from Quebec, and plays tennis as well as she does pickleball. She is also a professional clown!! Joanne Bath, along with Rich and I and Wayne Roswell teach beginner pickleball twice a week. Beverly is the newest player and is quickly taking her play to the next level, attending Rich's intermediate/advanced play clinics. Barb McKinney is also a seasoned player, and she and I along with Joanne really enjoy line dancing.

On December 14th, Kathy Hughes and I hosted our monthly get together with a Sunday Brunch in the Outback. The Outback is the RV section of Tanglewood. The food was great, with everything from Bagles to Chocolate Cake and Mimosa!

We played several games of Monkey Ball Golf. Here' s the picture of Kathy Hughes!! Bob and Kathy are good friends that we met last year Rving in Wauchula. They're parked right across the road from us here.
The pickleball here is great! There is open play every morning at 8:00, Ladies round robin on Tuesday afternnon, Mixed Double round robin on Wednesday afternoon. Monday and Thursday is beginner training and Friday is when Rich does his intermediate/advanced clinics.
Submittted by Donna Donald

Sunday, December 14, 2008



MeadowPointe Pickleball Players met at the courts as usual on Friday night December 13th. Instead of going home after several games under the lights at MPI, the group made plans to congregate at Marco's for PIZZA and Holiday Cheer.

If you remember, Lorraine Koryus (that's her, front left!), fell on the courts a few weeks back. It was great to see her having fun with the group, since she obviously has not been able to enjoy the pickleball courts! Bob (her husband) says she's done a great job mastering the art of eating pizza with one hand! It was a very cold evening (at least for Floridians)but everyone enjoyed the company.

Info submitted by Bob Koryus , pictures compliments of Pat Zwolenski

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Florida State Senior Championship Games were played down in the City of Cape Coral in Lee County. Here is Rich with a group of players who travelled to the games from down here in Sebring.

From left to right: Rich, Linda Kramer, Chuck Keller, Judy Goldberg and Al Goldberg.

Rich pulled a leg muscle real bad in the very first game and was ready to pull out of the games. Fortunately the medical staff was able to work on his leg for about 30 minutes. They taped him up and he was able to finish the day. He and Al Goldberg took the Bronze Medal in the Men's doubles. Al and Judy took the Silver in the Mixed Doubles, and Linda and Judy took the Silver in the Woman's doubles. These are a few of the people we play with every day in Tanglewood.

Here's a link to the article we wrote about the games out on the USAPA website. Hope you enjoy that and all the pictures of the games.