Friday, December 19, 2008


Let me introduce you to some of the ladies that I play pickleball with every day down here in Sebring.
From left (back) Linda Kramer, Judy Goldberg, Louise LeMieux, Joann Bath.
Seated: Beverly Podgorski, Barb McKinney and Me!

Missing is Kathy Hughes - she took this picture, so you'll see her in the picture below.

These are just a few of the ladies that I play with each day down here, but this group not only plays together, we party together. Linda Kramer started it all, inviting us over to her house in November for a ladies night out. After ping pong and darts, wine and lots of food, we became the Ladies of the Golden Pickleball, and decided to meet each month and to work togehter to improve our game of pickleball.
Linda and Judy are tournament partners, and have brought home the gold and silver medals to Tanglewood more than once. Louise LeMieux is a USAPA Ambassador from Quebec, and plays tennis as well as she does pickleball. She is also a professional clown!! Joanne Bath, along with Rich and I and Wayne Roswell teach beginner pickleball twice a week. Beverly is the newest player and is quickly taking her play to the next level, attending Rich's intermediate/advanced play clinics. Barb McKinney is also a seasoned player, and she and I along with Joanne really enjoy line dancing.

On December 14th, Kathy Hughes and I hosted our monthly get together with a Sunday Brunch in the Outback. The Outback is the RV section of Tanglewood. The food was great, with everything from Bagles to Chocolate Cake and Mimosa!

We played several games of Monkey Ball Golf. Here' s the picture of Kathy Hughes!! Bob and Kathy are good friends that we met last year Rving in Wauchula. They're parked right across the road from us here.
The pickleball here is great! There is open play every morning at 8:00, Ladies round robin on Tuesday afternnon, Mixed Double round robin on Wednesday afternoon. Monday and Thursday is beginner training and Friday is when Rich does his intermediate/advanced clinics.
Submittted by Donna Donald

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