Sunday, September 12, 2010

We Will Miss You - Bill and Judy!!!!!

Rich and I got an e-mail recenly from Bill Wilcox and Judy Paul. It was good news and bad news.

The GOOD news is that Bill and Juday are still in NY, but recently bought a place at The Villages According to Bill - "it's nothing fancy or expensive. We bought in Orange Blossom Gardens We played a lot of pickleball there in March and April and decided we needed to try this place and see what we think. Almost kind of silly to buy a house just to play pickleball, but that's what we did!.......Almost all the people we met were very friendly and were fun to play with.

Everyone at Meadow Point looks for these two to be back and playing in December (AND THIS IS THE BAD NEWS!), but this year they will be playing at The Villages. Bill says that driving an hour each way to MP three times a week was kind of a killer - but " a nice group of people to play with."

Bill and Judy - congrats on the new place - enjoy your pickleball at The Villages. We Will Really Miss You!! Hope you come and visit some time!!!

Update on Support Our Troops

Following is a response from Ruth Ann on our recent shipment to our troops. Don thought it a good idea to share with all of our generous pickleball players!!

Thanks Don, just a little tidbit for you. I was at the warehouse on Saturday helping with Christmas boxes to be sent and this fellow and his wife came in looking for Bob. He proudly said he came personally from Gainsville to thank Bob and the volunteers for the boxes of treats sent over to him and all his fellow military friends. What a treat that was for me. He will be deployed again soon, but I had to thank him for what he does for us here in the USA. It brings a big lump to your throat to meet them in the flesh.

Ruth Ann

PS if anyone wants to see what goes on at Bob Williams warehouse, they can go to there is a a great video of it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Barbeque and Pickleball

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Don Bass reports (and sends us these great pictures!) We had a great cookout on Labor Day. Thanks to Renee, Mark and Penny for organizing it.

A lot of long term veteran MP Picklers in the crowd.But it's great to see some new faces. Judy ( with the visor) played with us for a short time a while back but is now a regular!!!

And this group always welcomes players of ALL AGES! That's Karen and her son Zachary. Zach has football practice most nights, so he and Mom can only join the group to play on Mondays right now. I think we should get Zach's football team on the courts - what about you??

The group moved to the pickleball courts after the barbeque, but it started to rain after just a few games. Probably a good thing! After all that good food!

The group met to play again Wednesday evening, but these late afternoon storms are putting a big hurt on play - The sky opened up before the first game! We'll try again on Friday!

Thanks for the pictures Don.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Continuing Support for our Troops

To our generous Pickleball players

I just want to update you on your generous donations over the past few months.

I went to the post office today and was able to ship TWO (2) packages to our service people overseas. It was busy in there so I didn't take the time to write down the names the service people who will receive the packages this time.

I am sure they will be very happy when they receive the packages.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, whether it was pocket change or dollar bills . . . YOU ARE GREAT!

Don Bass

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Barbeque

Hello Pickleball Players,

It was Penny's idea to get together for a labor day barbeque at Meadow Pointe Two.

Enter the same gate as you would to go to pickleball but continue to end at playground and make a left. There are tables and a barbeque. We will meet by 4:30 PM on Monday for the barbeque and then we will play pickleball. Please RSVP if you are coming. Everyone will bring there own meat for the barbeque and rolls if you are having hamburgers, sausage or hotdogs. Also bring a drink. We all will bring a covered dish to share. Hope to see you there.
We will probably play pickleball at MP 2 on Monday. The rest of the week Wednesday and Friday at MP one at 6:30 PM.