Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on Support Our Troops

Following is a response from Ruth Ann on our recent shipment to our troops. Don thought it a good idea to share with all of our generous pickleball players!!

Thanks Don, just a little tidbit for you. I was at the warehouse on Saturday helping with Christmas boxes to be sent and this fellow and his wife came in looking for Bob. He proudly said he came personally from Gainsville to thank Bob and the volunteers for the boxes of treats sent over to him and all his fellow military friends. What a treat that was for me. He will be deployed again soon, but I had to thank him for what he does for us here in the USA. It brings a big lump to your throat to meet them in the flesh.

Ruth Ann

PS if anyone wants to see what goes on at Bob Williams warehouse, they can go to there is a a great video of it.

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