Friday, September 10, 2010

Barbeque and Pickleball

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Don Bass reports (and sends us these great pictures!) We had a great cookout on Labor Day. Thanks to Renee, Mark and Penny for organizing it.

A lot of long term veteran MP Picklers in the crowd.But it's great to see some new faces. Judy ( with the visor) played with us for a short time a while back but is now a regular!!!

And this group always welcomes players of ALL AGES! That's Karen and her son Zachary. Zach has football practice most nights, so he and Mom can only join the group to play on Mondays right now. I think we should get Zach's football team on the courts - what about you??

The group moved to the pickleball courts after the barbeque, but it started to rain after just a few games. Probably a good thing! After all that good food!

The group met to play again Wednesday evening, but these late afternoon storms are putting a big hurt on play - The sky opened up before the first game! We'll try again on Friday!

Thanks for the pictures Don.

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