Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet Meadow Pointe Pickler - Rob Houghton

Rob is a Native Floridian, (Yes Another One!!!!) currently residing in Tampa. He is an Alumni of the University of South Florida, married to Betty Anne and the father of one. (We know that Betty Anne has been on the courts before – we hope she comes back!)

Before meeting the group on the Meadow Pointe Pickleball courts Rob has his day job. He reads and scores Standardized Tests. He has also been a disaster Assistance Employee with FEMA for the last five years (2004), but wants all our readers to know that he was NOT involved with Katrina!!!

When not playing pickleball, Rob enjoys reading, golf, tennis, sailing and motorsports, especially vintage auto racing. If not for the high cost of racing, he would probably still be actively involved in enjoying that sport today.

Meadow Point Pickler Steve Long introduced Rob to the game. That was back in 2008, but he finally got him on the court this year. Not only is pickleball a great sport Rob says, "On the court I only focus on the game, I don’t think about work or the economy. Pickleball is a panacea for my mind.”

To Steve Long he says “Thanks Big Guy.”

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