Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rich Helps Coach Mo at Villages Clinic

You all know that Rich likes to give "pickleball clinics", so when "Coach Mo" called and asked him if he would help out with one of his clinics Rich jumped at the opportunity. Every time he works with Mo, he learns something new, so it took him about 1 second to say YES! I went down to take pictures, but also got a chance to participate. Now I just have to practice, practice, practice!!

Here's a few pictures from that night.
Mo always has enough instructors there to help him on all the courts. Here is Rich working with his group on lobs.
Having good instructors there to help him, gives Mo the ability to demonstrat a lot of the techniques that he teaches. This is Mo, on this side show the group some of the practice drills with Gold Medal winners Paul Kelley and Peter McNamara

An of course's our Meadow Point Pickler, wearing his favorite "" T-shirt!!

For those of you who may be interestd. Mo's new DVD will be for sale on his website starting on July 13th, and you can pay using Pay Pal. We have our copy already and Rich has watched it at least three times. He does 21 different clinics on the DVD, so if you want to improve your game, it really worth getting. His website is:

And by the way - When you join his website you get newsletter every month. It's a great newsletter. ............MeadowPointe Competition showed up on his newsletter..........Now you all areWe were very surprised when the pictues of our winners from our Meadow being seen across the country!!!!

Here's a link to this last newsletter: July Newsletter

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