Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday Night Pickleball - Welcome, Ken, Liz, John and Bonnie

On Wednesday, we played at MPII.........Once again you cut just about cut the air with a knife - the humidity was wicked. But we had a great time. Rich and I were home tonight and were excited about seeing everyone and especially about meeting some of our newest players and we had brought home Coach Mo's new DVD for many of our MP Picklers.
Thanks Bob and Lorraine Koryus ...........we understand you had something to do with getting us a few of these new players.!!! It was great seeing you guys - even if you didn't come to play tonight.

We had a nice group of players out tonight. Rich and Donna, Chirs, Don, Marilyn and Steve and four of our five newest players: Bonnie and John, Ken and Liz. Penny.........hope you can make it Friday!!!

Enjoy some pictures of the group playing tonight.

WELCOME John and Bonnie............ These guys are sooooooooooo nice and picking up the game very quickly. John is definately picking up the game quickly and I'm sure enjoyed some good games with the guys tonight. We had a great time with Bonnie tonight........... stay back when your partner is serving - let it bounce......move to the line........Yes, she heard it all tonight - but kept a smile on her face. We had a couple of really good ladies games tonight. You can be my partner any time, Bonnie!!! And...........fellow picklers ..........Bonnie told me she takes picturs. So we might have a new face with a camera following you all on the courts when I'm not there!!!!

WELCOME LIZ!!!! SUCK IT UP!!! It took a while to get Liz out on the courts. She is not a lover of tennis, so hesitated putting a pickleball paddle in her hand. But it's not hard to tell that she is thououghly addicted to the game now!! And she's playing great - definately better than you would expect after just a few weeks. Marilyn and I had a great game against Liz and Steve. Great vollies, Great Shots.............Great Finish 12-10, Marilyn and Donna!!

OK - What are they all looking at? Where's the ball? Look up, over the trees, just to the left of the light pole.........Chris and Rich keep looking as Liz gets ready for the next shot!

Here is Rich and Liz playing against Ken and Chris. I know you haven't met Ken yet. WELCOME KEN........... Look below and you'll get a good look at Ken's STYLE on the court. Ken - hope your wife Penny can join us on Friday. Part way through the night Ken's back was bothering all of us hope you're feeling better and can get back on the courts on Friday.

Here's our two newest guys, John and Ken partnering together in this game.

Steve and Chris(far side) compete against John and Marilyn. Oh!!! Steve!!!! The ball has to go OVER the net! But looks like John and Marilyn are ready for your return.

Look at that FORM..............and to think Ken is a new player!!!! Marilyn looks pretty confident that Ken will retun this one with NO PROBLEM!!!

Talk about form!!! Here Rich and Steve watching closely to see if Chris is going to pull this one off. Don looks pretty confident that his partner will get this one back. What do you think?

Hope we see you all out again on Friday, weather permitting of course! AND .......LET'S GET A GOOD GROUP OUT FOR PIZZA AFTER PICKEBALL ON FRIDAY!!


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