Monday, February 2, 2009


Boy do we wish that our MeadowPointe players could have been with us this past weekend. Richard (MO) Movsessian, a friend of ours from The Villages, visited us here in Tanglewood and gave two clinics to the Tanglewood Pickleball Club. We had 29 players (14 each day) attend.

When we got up on Friday morning, it was cold, windy and raining like you wouldn’t believe. The clinic was scheduled for 3:00 in the afternnon, and at 1:00 the skies were still cloudy and it continued to drizzle. But we got the squeegees and the blowers out and managed to get the courts dried. Believe it or not at 2:45 the sun even came out….

Here’s a picture of Rich and I enjoying the clinic with the group. This man is such a great teacher/coach. We have enough members in our club now that would really enjoy spending a few hours with a professional player…………Think about it, and I know we can get him to come visit our club and do the same clinic.

See you guys soon
Rich and Donna.

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