Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hi Everyone,
Wish you all could have made it to the Labor Day Jamboree at Kings Point in Sun City Center. It was a great time. We all received our temporary tattos; either the pickleball bug, or the Pickleball Fever Paddle. There were some really good players that came from Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Myers, Poincianne (near Orlando), as well as the neighboring Sun City Center Pickleball Club.
Wish you guys could have been there.

Thought we would share a few pictures from the day!

These were the medals that were awarded to the first three place finishers. She gave the pickle ball fever pins to the highest scorers.
This two guys in the front are Clyde and Don and play with the Sun City Pickleball Club. The rest of the people in the picture did not play, but came with signs and pom poms to cheer on Clyde and Don. They were funny!

Rich and I were late to register, so we kind of filled in where partners were needed. This is Rich with one of his partners, Tom, and that is Mary in the back, who is the lady that I played with for the day.

I usually catch Rich with his paddle at his side......or with his back to me. Thought this picture came out pretty good. Here he is playing with Dino.
The weather was wicked - but we kept drinking the fluids. I hope you all will consider joining in on this event next year. Yes - you are all very good players!!!!! And you would have had a great time.

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