Thursday, October 22, 2009

Welcome Back Pat and Suzi - and where are Rich and Dee?

Well the summer is winding down and those northerners are starting to head back to the "sunny south" for the winter. If you've been watching the weather reports, it's none too early. In some places the temperatures have dropped significantly and the cold and snow has already started to show is ugly face. If you can't play indoors - you have to head for the south, where the pickleball courts welcome you year round!

Pat and Suzi are back from Washington - where they continued to practice up on the pickleball skills with their group in Bellingham. We're glad to have their smiling faces and competitive spirits back with our Meadow Pointe Picklers. WELCOME HOME Pat and Suzi.

The Pagliaro's, ( or Piscatelli's, or Pagianos?) - anyway - Rich and Dee made it back from Main before Pat and Suzi - they went again? Where did they go? Well we found them just south of here at the Peace River Campground in Wauchulla, where Rich and Donna are. Here they are on a chilly Monday morning playing their favorite game. As you can see the courts here don't begin to compare with our courts at home - but we still have a great time. They played for about three hours that morning and then made it back to the courts around four in the afternoon for a couple more hours of play. And here they are, enjoying Happy Hour at Rich and Donna's site with some of the other Pickleball players.

Now, we're waiting for Bill and Judy to return from Red Hook, New York. We hope to see them back with our group sometime in November..........Hurry Back Guys!!!!

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