Sunday, December 27, 2009

Picklers Out on Sunday!

Rich and I just want to thank all of you who came out to play on Sunday. We were in Meadow Pointe today for a Holiday Dinner with the Bass's. Dinner with Don and Linda is always a good time, but we want you to know how much we enjoyed having you all come out and get in a few games on this chilly afternoon.
Here's few pictures of the group. (Donna is behind the camera!)

Ruthann - Doing great after knee surgery. She was so excited that she was able to play FOUR good games today. Rich and I hope to see you on the courts in Clermont or Peace River.

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Mary and Renee - Mary - I think you actually made it through the day without landing on the groud. (I know you went down ducking from the ball one time - that doesn't count!) But those fingers sure do sting when it's cold and they get hit with the ball. Ouch!!!! And Renee - the very first MP resident that Rich and I taught the game to - I know that ball to the nose brought some tears to the eyes...........and Mark better have had dinner ready when you got home.

OK - now what's that saying "The family who Plays Pickleball together............. Bill and Judy have only been back in Florida for a couple of weeks, returning snow birds for NY State. Misty is Judy's daughter - and you would never know it's been nine or ten month's since she's been out playing!! That's her significant other - Al.

And here's Don - "It's up - so we get to server!@!" Don - another of the original MP Picklers - declared himself the winner of the Don Bass Invitational today. It's best not to argue about these things - so Don - Congratulations on getting everyone to shake their heads...........and agree with you!!!!

Posted by Picasa I don't know Bill - Did he get that ball back or not? The forms' not too bad for an old man who just finished dinner - and chocolate cake!!! And remember Don - Bill is there to back you up if you would just let some of those body shots go!!!
Mary and Renee - Playing against Judy and Misty. But it looks like Renee survived the ball in the nose - and Mary -if you play Bowling and Boxing Wii, like you do pickleball - I ain't playin! And where was Steve today?
Here's Mom (Judy, in the pink) and Daughter (Misty ) showing their pickleball skills agains Renee and Mary. Now Mom is really a good player!!! And Misty - there is no way it's been 10 months since you've been on the courts!!! No one can play that good with a wooden paddle!!!
Here's Rich with Al. There was a whole lot of laughter during this game. Al is officially dubbed the "Instant Replay Guy" Only at the Don Bass Invitational!!
Thanks Guys - You're the Best!!!!

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