Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday Night Pickleball

On Wednesday night we had a great group out playing along with two new guests. Tim Hatzenbeler returned and Gary Ball from Sun City Center came over to play. Tim, Gary, Rich and Chris got their a little early to play some competitive games before the rest of us arrived. But then they joined the rest of us for some really good, and really fun games. Here's a few pictures of the group.

This is Gary Ball playing with Rich in one of the early rounds against Tim and Chris.
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And here is Chris and Tim. These four played three or four games together. Chris said later how great it was to play with these guys and experience some different and varied speeds to the game.

Steve and Suzi - Always a tough team!

Here is Don and Pat - WOW - Way to go - Pat!!!

Here's a really good game going on with Tim and Liz (far court) against Judy and Suzi.

Posted by PicasaHere's Chris back on the court; this time partnered up with Renee.

Tim and Liz - Ready for the next shot!
There's Suzi again!!! This time teamed up with John.
And Rich back on the court playing with Bill. Posted by Picasa

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