Thursday, March 11, 2010

MP's Pat Zwolenski brings Boy Scout Troop to our Courts

Story and pictures submitted by our very own Pat Zwolenski....Thanks Pat!!!

Here is a picture of Boy Scout Troop 180 having their Tuesday night meeting at the Meadow Point I Pickleball Courts.

The previous Tuesday, USAPA member and former Scoutmaster Pat Zwolenski, spent time at the troop meeting explaining the history of Pickleball and the rules of the game. Then the next Tuesday they met at the courts and under the watchful eyes of Suzi Zwolenski, Pat Zwolenski, Steve Long, and Chris Atkinson played Pickleball.

There were a few boys who really excelled and challenged Steve and Chris to a game after the other Scouts had left. Although they played very well, they ended up losing to Steve and Chris. Steve and Chris will be presented Troop 180 paperweights to thank them for their support.

Here is a pictue of Boy Scout Troop 180 with their Meadow Point Pickleball Friends. Steve is the one hidden behind one of the boys and holding paddles up like Mickey Mouse ears over two boys.

Sounds like some of these guys are pretty good players- Please invite them back to Meadow Pointe any time......Keep them practicing and we'll set up a Troop 180 Round Robin!!!

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