Sunday, April 8, 2012

All the Picklers were out tonight!

  Don: "Do you remember when you brought Pickleball to Meadow Pointe? Was is 4 or 5 years ago?"

Rich and Donna - " We had to think back - but believe it was  mid  to  late 2007.   And the very first player we ever taught  is in the picture!! Hi Rene!!!!"

Don:" Last night we had our largest group ever with 20 players."   ( Wednesday March  28, 2012)

We have always been a group that has welcomed anyone who wants to come and learn how to play or who is looking for a place to play when visiting the area and we will continue to do so;  many of those people are still playing with us, or looking forward to coming back to visit again.  

Special thanks to MP Pickler, Don Bass  for sending us the group picture.  ( Unfortunately he's behind the camera  instead of in the picture!!)

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