Saturday, November 10, 2012

Great American Teach In......

MP Picklers have helped some of the neighboring communities introduce pickleball and most recently the students at the John Long Middle School thanks to MP player, Donald Bass.   The following is from Don:
During the week of November 12th the John Long Middle School (JLMS) will be having the Great American Teach-In.
Recently, I did a brief demo for one of Ms. Como (PE Teacher at JLMS) PE classes and it was well received.   She had about 9 nets set up, and paddles and balls for the students, so all of the students got to try it.  Ms. Como was very pleased with the student's participation……. .so she considered this demo to be a success.  
She would like for a group of us to come one day during the Great American Teach-In week. If we can, we will be reaching out to about 500 students if we are there all day.   
In order to volunteer for this event each of us will have to do a short online application for security purposes. Once completed, we could volunteer at any Pasco County school.   Ms. Como envisions us doing a brief demo in the gym and then going out to the courts to help students try the game with each of her classes that day. 
These are all children from our community, so our time will be well spent.  

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