Friday, March 27, 2009

Donna to perform The Pickleball Crawl

Hi Guys,

Tomorrow night, March 25th, is the Variety Show here in Tanglewood. We understand that it is done every year before the snowbirds and RV'ers head north. As you know, pickleball is really really big in this park. One of the gentlemen who plays pickleball, Patrick Hotchkiss, rewrote the words of the popular "Watermellon Crawl". It is now The "Pickleball Crawl". I was asked to choreograph a dance, complete with pickleball paddles to go with the song. There are six of us pickleball players performing the dance on stage tomorrow night!!!
They tell me that a video will be made and put out on UTube. Oh My !!!!!!

Anyway here is a link to the Tanglewood Blog, and a funny article that our friend Wayne Roswell wrote, along with all the words to the Pickleball Crawl!!

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