Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet the Pagliaro's -Clubs newest tournament winners


Rich and Dee are originally from Hempstead, New York. Pickleball is a family affair for the Pagliaro’s. They have one daughter, Tara, who is also a regular MeadowPointe pickleball player. I think they used to draw pickleball lines on their driveway or street............and that's where they taught Tara!!! Rich was previously employed as a State Trooper, but both he and Dee are now retired. When they are at home they play with the group on a regular basis. (They gave up playing in the streets!) But Rich and Dee are also avid RV’ers and enjoy their time on the road. When not traveling in their motor home, or playing pickleball, Rich enjoys golfing, bowling, shooting and softball.

They were introduced to pickleball while RV ing at the Peace River Thousand Trails/NACO park in Wauchula, Florida. They met up with Rich and Donna Donald at another Thousand Trails park and found out they were almost neighbors. They loved the game of pickleball, and only played while they were RVing, until they found the MeadowPoint crew!! Now they are regulars.

Like everyone who plays the sport, they love the exercise!! What's that saying about the family who plays together, exercises together etc.......?? Here's a picture of Rich with daughter Tara after a game on the Meadow Pointe courts.

More Recent News........

I was reading an e-mail sent to the group this past week and Pat Zwolenski was really ribbing Rich and Dee about not joining the group for Pizza after Friday's play. Of course, that was just Pat's way of picking on the newest tournaments winners in our club. I asked Dee what the e-mail was all about and she said "We played a tournament in Torrey Oaks,...........So now they tease us. I e-mailed him back and told him he made me laugh, and he emailed me back and said if you went to pizza you would not be getting these lashing e-mails. He is so funny, we really like all of the people over at MP, they are a great bunch."

As avid RV'ers, they frequently stay at the Thousand Trails Parks in Clermont, Fl and in Wauchulla, Fl. Pickleball is quickly becoming the sport of choice at many Florida RV parks, and so the inter-park competition has begun. While recently staying at the Peace River park in Wauchula Rich and Dee along with fellow Peace River Picklers participated in an inter-park tournament at the Torrey Oaks RV Resort just a few miles up the road in Bowling Green. Rich and his partner Dennis Johnson tied for second place, and Dee with her partner Barb Johnson brought home the Gold........


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