Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A week or so ago, I posted the information from the USAPA regarding the APIKE paddle. At this time there has been no further information released from USAPA that I am aware of, however other sites are forecasting that the paddle will have some sort of ban.We did send our comments to USAPA regarding the safety of the paddle and it's impact on the game.
Here is a link to a similar article on the Tanglewood website.

So that everyone in our group is aware of what is being said about the paddle, Meadow Point player Pat Zwolenski asked that we share this article with our group.


written by Ron Farra

A controversy has ensued with the recent introduction of a new Pickleball paddle called the APIKE Paddle. The new paddle according to reports circulating among many players nationwide may drastically change the game of Pickleball. Some have called for it to be banned!
Apparently the paddle is constructed quite differently from others paddles on the market using foam in its core rather than the now typical composite materials. The new paddle is reported to help players apply a great amount of spin to the ball giving an unfair advantage to the users. It has also been reported that the ball comes off the paddle at a very high velocity such that it is very difficult for even elite players to return the ball successfully. It is this speed which has caused many players to appeal to the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) to ban the new paddle from senior games and official tournaments. Some injuries have been attributed to the use of the APIKE Paddle and fear is being expressed about injuries to the head and eyes when players are hit by a pickleball traveling at such high speeds.
“I played with an APIKE Paddle for about 2 weeks,” said Jim Plotnik, formerly a Capital District USAPA Ambassador. He reported that balls hit by the APIKE Paddle come off the paddle silently. “Whereas players now can hear the struck ball and can sense how hard or soft it has been hit, the new paddle makes no noise when a ball is hit. This can be a little intimidating,” admitted Plotnik.
Wayne Tucker and Pete Briscoe have agreed to use and evaluate a sample APIKE Paddle loaned by Barney Myer of Pickleballstuff.com. They are expected to involve others in a two week trial and report their findings to the USAPA Board of Directors before the next USAPA meeting (April 5, 2009).
Those interested in participating in the APIKE Paddle trials may contact Pete Briscoe (346-3132) or Wayne Tucker (399-9888).

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