Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday Night Pickleball

Rich and I are back home and out playing with the Meadow Pointe group for the first time in a long time. We had a great turnout tonight. Played at the MP II courts. Who was there???

Renee, (and Mark stopped by to say hello..) Don, Steve, Brad, Chris, Bill, Judy, Ruthann, Al and Marilynn. Jaden ( Marilynn's grandson, was also there. He loves to run and fetch the balls!)

Met Chris for the first time tonight. Great guy; Great Player. And the group has really been working on their game. We had some good close games tonight and lots of fun. Everyone seems to be looking forward to our upcoming tournament and pick-nic. Mark brought a copy of the article that was printed in the monthly Meadow Pointe News Bullitin. Great Job Renee!!!! We need to check in with Rob and Betty Ann to see how they are doing. Betty Ann had a pretty bad fall on the courts a few weeks back and everyone is hoping she is feeling better. Hope to see some more of the crew out to play on Friday.

Brad and Ruthann seem to have the game under control. Brad's son will be joining in the competition at our upcoming round robin tournament.

Don (left) and Steve. I guess Steve cant' believe he missed that shot. Looks like Don can't either!! Good luck with the knee surgery next Thursday, Steve.

There's Jaden. Resting for a second after chasing our stray balls. What a cutie!!!

Rich and Bill (front) in a great match with Chris and Judy.

See ya'll on Friday.

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