Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Arrives in Florida and our Snow Birds Head North

Friday night at Meadow Pointe is Pickleball and Pizza Nite. The group was a little smaller tonight than Wednesday, but Don, Renee, Steve, Chris , Bill, Judy, Rich and I were all there again, and tonight Mary joined us. Most of the time it's mixed doubles play, but tonight we got the chance to play a lot of ladies doubles and men's doubles. Most all of us watched as Rich and Chris played singles. After pickleball it's relax, chill out and enjoy some PIZZA!!

Unfortunately as Spring arrives in Florida we have to start saying good-bye to many of our players who head north or west for the the summer. Tonight we had to say good-bye to Bill and Judy as they head to their home in Red Hook, New York for the next seven months. Both of them are great players and a lot of fun. We're really going to miss them.

Have a great summer Bill and Judy. See you in November!

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