Friday, May 29, 2009


There was just a small group of us out to play tonight. Rich and I and Chris warmed up for a while waiting for a fourth player. Steve and Don came along so we played a few games with just one of us sitting out. Then along came Pat and Suzi.........dressed alike tonight with their brand new USAPA shirts!!

We were just one person short of having two courts going so three of us would sit out, chase balls and catch up on what's new while the other four played. It seemed that either Rich or Chris played every game and unless you played with them as a partner you probably lost.

Well enough of that. That's right folks check this picture out. We had had just about enough, so to make things a little more FAIR, we (or maybe it was Pat?) decided we should play 5 on 2. I know...........there is only four in the picture............but I had to step out temporarily to take this picture, you know.

We would for sure have a good match. Well, if you ever tried to put five people on one side of the court, then you know it takes a little getting used to. Who serves? Stay out of the way of the return of have to let it bounce. Don't hog the court, stay in your own space.... Well we lost the first game 11-3. Now that we figured out how to do this, we planned our strategy, and we would now get five serves to their two. Ready? The score this time was 11-1.

Who won? Who do you think? We'll never tell.

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