Thursday, May 7, 2009

Meet Meadow Pointe Pickler, Marilyn Howell

Marilyn Howell, like most folks here. is not a native Floridian. She moved to Florida from New York, New York…. (you all know that song, right?) She resides in Meadow Pointe and is the proud mother of one daughter and grandma to one grandson. You've all seen Jaden on the courts running and collecting our stray pickleballs.

Marilyn spends a lot of time with our youth as a high school math teacher and computer systems manager. She is an Alumni of Queens College/Iona College. She’ll tell you “we need to get this younger set interested” in pickleball and “I’m working on getting my daughter to play.”

When she’s not teaching or playing pickleball, Marilyn enjoys playing cards, cooking, reading, crocheting, movies and dining out! Where does she find the time???

Marilyn read our article about pickleball in the Meadow Pointe newsletter and decided to give it a try. Her experience in racquetball, and tennis made her a natural for pickleball and she is definitely one of our better competitive players. You’re sure to see her at one of our local events/tournaments real soon.

Why does Marilynn play pickleball? I “like the exercise, competition and social interaction.”

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