Saturday, May 23, 2009

Meadow Pointe Picklers Stumble on NY Pickleball Courts

Heard from our Meadow Pointe "Snowbirds" back in New York for the summer! Bill and Judy found some courts to play on in Scotia, NY the other day. It's a pretty long drive from where they live..........but looks like they might get to play a little bit this summer.

Yesterday after a VA doctor's appointment in Albany, they drove to Collins Park in Scotia. Here's what they had to say about their visit:

"We managed to make one wrong turn and got lost, so by the time we got to the park we only got to play one game. It was with Pete Briscoe and another very good male player. We lost 11-9. Judy played such a good game, so I guess it's my fault. (I never play a good first game).

After the game Pete was telling me that he has 12 victories and no losses at the NY State Empire Games for the last 4 years, even some with his wife in mixed doubles. He was the Gold Medal winner in 2008 men's singles 60-64. This year he will move up to the next age group.

They have six courts, full of polly noses and little twigs that we kept slipping on. Thursday there were only 5 people but he said on Tuesday there were 22 with 5 courts going. The courts are dirty, most nets at the wrong height, bad shadows from the trees and unbelievable amount of background noise from passing cars and trucks, ......but it's pickleball! ....Bill & Judy"

Bill and Judy have contacted Pete and his wife again to see if they might be able to set up a mixed doubles match (and even out the competition a little bit!) when he returns for his next doctors visit. Bill did mention that Pete and his wife had plans for a movie that night, so couldn't stick around to play. I think they miss us MP players who like energizer bunnies just "keep on playing and playing and playing."

Glad to hear you found a place to play. We miss you guys!

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